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Image is owned by Yidaki Cultural Association.

Here you can find several goods we produce:

- Yidaki Compilation vol. I – Various Artists
- Breakingh Through – Ferroni & friends
- Tribal Revolution – Ferroni & Riccio
- Windproject 2008 (also as free download) – Ferroni
- Ritratto (also as free download) – Ferroni
- Noices & Voices (free download only) – Ferroni

- “The DIDGERIDOO Discovery” Ferroni – Furlan (Italian Only) 208 pages with tuitional CD

- didgeridoo made from logs
- didgeridoo made from planks
- didgeridoo made from fibreglass
- didjeribone

Al the instruments have 5 Year warranty.

On request it is possible to realize your own didgeridoo on specific requests like: key note, toots, colour tone or made to play specific techniques.

More info, picture, audio sample, please visit:

If you want to join our mailing list, please send us a mail.

PS: I can answer you in Italian, English or, if you are not in a hurry, I can answer you in French too.

Best wishes
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