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Messagepar Herbert » Jeu 13 Juil 2017, 13:56

Hello, sorry i m not french speakig but i need your help... I practise Didgeridoo for quit long time now but i have big problem with the Kookaburra.. Question: How can people play it superquick . How and what do you practise?...Do you use Diaphragm? I cannot solve to become quicker than this... http://vocaroo.com/i/s0oh1axQbqD9 .
Let me know if you have any secrets to share :-) And if there are allready threads about, give me link please and i will try to translate.

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Le timide||La timide
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Re: Kookaburra

Messagepar Vince » Sam 22 Juil 2017, 8:54

Hi !

For me, you play it quick enough, but if you want to accelerate you must place the base of your tongue deeper in your throat.
Bon souffle à tous !
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